Fake Followers: Are They Worth The Risk?

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If you just recently created a Facebook or Twitter page for your new store or company, then the thought of buying fake followers and likes has probably crossed your mind. But is buying followers really the way to go?

This week we're going to talk about fake followers and likes and everything you should know about them. We'll start by talking about how to get real likes, and then end by discussing the consequences of paying for followers and likes. To a start up company, likes and followers are like gold; they give your company a sense of legitimacy and let others know that people respect your company. I know what you're all thinking, “how do I get likes in the first place”. It's the question that is on everyone's minds. I feel as though the answer to this question often bums people out. There is no secret formula to getting more people to like your page. When I help someone manage their account and gain likes for them, the first thing I usually do is make sure all of their friends are liking their page. The average person has about 300 friends. If half of those people like your page, then that is a pretty good start. And you don't have to stop with just inviting your friends. I suggest singling out a couple of your close friends and family members and asking them to give you a shout out and invite their friends to like your page as well.

Okay, so now the easy part is done. The next stage of gaining more likes takes a little bit more time and is an on-going process. I have found that Twitter is one of, if not, the best place to gain real likes from people that aren't already your friends. Twitter is filled with business owners just like you, all of them trying to share and promote their Facebook page. As I mentioned before this may be a little time consuming, but I have found that if Facebook likes are important to you and you have enough time, then this is very effective. So here it goes:



Many people try to get more likes by asking their followers to like their page. They may say something such as “please like my Facebook page, help me get to 100 likes by today!” or “like my page and I'll like yours”. If you search “like my Facebook page” on Twitter and talk to some of the people asking the World to like their page, then you can be sure to get some new people your page. It's simple, all you really have to say is something along the lines of “hey, just liked your FB page!” and share your companies page when you have the chance. This method has the potential of being time consuming, however if you just take 10 or 15 minutes out of your day to do this a few times a week, then it can be quite effective. Other methods of gaining more likes on Facebook involve marketing methods that go beyond the internet, which deserves its own blog entry.


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So now the second part of this article, fake followers and likes.


Not too long ago fake followers and likes to actually worked. However online users and Facebook have gotten wiser and now sites that offer fake followers such as Fiverr are now just a waste of money. Fake followers literally have nothing to offer your company. The whole purpose of social media is to build connections and turn “likes” into profit. If your likes are fake, then what is the point of even being on social media. One could argue that fake likes make your company look like a big deal; but I'll show you how to spot fake followers. Fake followers actually make your company look more unsuccessful.


How do you spot fake followers? It's all about the interactions. If a company's page says they have 2,000 likes, but only 4 people are talking about their page, then you can be assured that those likes are not real. If a company has 2,000 likes, there should be about 100 people talking about their page. You can also look at their posts and tell pretty quickly if their like are real or not. If they seem to be posting pretty professional content, yet no one is liking their posts you can also be assured that their likes are not legitimate. This technique works on Twitter as well; look at their tweets and notice the number of retweets and favorites they are getting.  Fake follower tool allows you detect fake followers on other accounts.fake followers blog 3


Long gone are the days of fake followers being of any use at all. Both Facebook and Facebook users have gotten wiser and can see right through fake likes. If you're someone that relied heavily on fake likes and followers don't think of this as a bad thing. Now you're forced to get out there and make connections which will only benefit your company.

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