How To Get More Likes Online

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When you're in the social media business, a common question you get is “how do I get more likes online”. Everybody wants to know, and lucky for you the answer isn't too complicated. In fact, it's not complicated at all.

How to get more likes online doesn't involve any secret formula, it all comes down to the kind of content you are posting. In order for people to like your posts, they have to actually like you. You can post the funniest, most helpful, most interesting content in the world. But if people don't like you, the person, then no one is ever going to like your posts.

Social media is all about personality. Think about why you follow the people you follow on Facebook and Twitter. Even if you don't personally know the person you are following, you probably still genuinely like them. Whether you like them because they are actually your friend, you like the sports team they play on, or you like the movies they are in, the fact that you like them is usually why you like the content they post.

This liking game (or retweeting game) can be seen most prominently when famous people post ridiculous content. Have you ever seen someone celebrity of some sort post something as simple as “hi” and get hundreds of retweets and favorites on Twitter? It's all about the personality behind the content.

At Chronicle X, before we even start worrying about how many likes your page is going to get, or how many people retweet you, we work on creating an online personality that the online world falls in love with. If people love the person posting the content, they can't help but like, share, and comment on all of your posts.

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