How To Get Yelp Reviews

 One of the biggest online assets that a small business owner can have is Yelp. If you own a restaurant, photography studio, store, or any other small business and you are not on Yelp, you should fix that (after you read this post of course). In this post we are going to give some of our tips for how to get Yelp reviews. Whether the reviews are good or bad depends on you.

Let People Know You Are On Yelp

This might sound like an obvious statement, but you would be surprised how many people don't advertise the fact that they are on Yelp. In order to get Yelp reviews, people need to know you're actually on Yelp. When I say advertise, I don't mean anything fancy; a simple sign in your restaurant will do just fine.

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Display The Good Reviews

You see this a lot in restaurants that are known throughout the country. When the New York Times reviews their restaurant, they frame it and display it on the wall. While you may not be reviewed by large publications, you will be reviewed by your customers and that is equally important. Displaying former, good Yelp reviews on the wall gives customers peace of mind, and it is also a good way to get Yelp reviews in the future.

Treat The Mayor Like Royalty

Foursquare and Yelp are different. But chances are if a customer is on Yelp, they are also on other social networking sites. Reward those that continue to come back to your place of business by offering discounts or even free stuff. Rewarding regular customers is a great way to get yelp reviews that are positive.

Yelp Reviews

Perks For Reviews

Many times people don't want to bothered with the process of going online and leaving a review for your company. In some cases people are only going to review you if you are really good or really bad. So why not offer a little discount or coupon for those that take the time to review your company. Just have the customer show you the review and in return they get some sort of promotion or discount.

Use Emails To Spread The Word

Never use emails to directly ask for reviews; that's unprofessional. However, what you can do is put a link to your Yelp page along with your other social media buttons. This is a passive way to get Yelp reviews, and it works. All you really need to say is something along the lines of “Let us know what you think of us on Yelp!”. Maybe even mention how many reviews you have on Yelp or something along those lines.


Just using one of these strategies might not yield very strong results. However, if you combine all of these techniques to create a sort of system you should begin to see Yelp reviews come in slowly but surely.

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