Instagram For Business: Turn “Likes” Into Profit

A picture is worth a thousand words, so naturally, Instagram should be a great marketing tool...right? Most companies that use social media are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and maybe one other platform such as Foursquare or Pinterest. However many companies are not taking advantage of Instagram, a service with over 100 million users.

Usually when companies are reluctant to start using a new social media platform, it is because they don't see how they can practically use it. Instagram has countless benefits, but here are our 5 benefits we believe are selling points for you to use Instagram for your business.


The Power Of The Pound Sign

Hashtags have been on Twitter for a while, and now Facebook has started implementing them as well. However hashtags and Instagram go together like bread and butter. Unlike Twitter, where you can search for phrases, Instagram only lets you search for photos by using hashtags. If you hashtag your photos with related topics and phrases, people will be sure to find your photos. If you don't think people go looking for other people's photos on Instagram, just look at the photos with the most likes. In many cases, the photos with the most “likes” are the ones that are riddled with hashtags. Never underestimate the power of hashtags. Hashtags help your current and future clientele find you. When you start to use Instagram for your business, think of all the related topics people might be searching for in order to get better publicity for your photos.


Instagram Is An Effective Time Saving Device

There are times when it is appropriate to hire an expensive photographer and pay a graphic design team for an ad campaign; but for everything else, why not use Instagram? Adobe Photoshop costs $700, Instagram is free. While you can obviously do a lot more with Photoshop, if all you are doing is taking pictures of your products for people to see, why not go with the free alternative? Instagram is one of those things that any of your employees can use and it only takes a couple of seconds to post a photo. Use Instagram for business when you want to have great looking photos while saving time and money.

Use Instagram For Business

People Can Relate To Instagram

If there is anything that is going to turn people off from your company, it's customers not being able to relate to your brand. Instagram puts you on the same level as your customers; it also allows them to directly give you positive feedback and criticism. You can take your ability to relate with customers one step further. You can quickly take photos of your products being used in their natural environment to further communicate that your product is right for your customers.


Use Instagram As A Teaching Tool

We have said this before, people are only going to like what you post on social media if they like you. Posting helpful tutorials via Instagram is a great way to get people to warm up to you and start liking more of your stuff. No one knows your company better than you, the business owner. Chances are if you own a business, then you are pretty knowledgeable about your industry. Share your knowledge and people will see why they should choose your company over someone else.


100 Million Users And Counting

Like all social media platforms, the amount of users on Instagram is growing everyday. With 100 million potential customers using Instagram, why would you not want to use Instagram? The great benefit of using social media to advertise is the fact that it doesn't cost you any money. It's not like you need to get a certain number of clients from Instagram in order for it to pay for itself. If you gain 10 new customers via Instagram, great! If not, at least your brand has an online presence and that goes a long way in today's technological world.

Use Instagram For Business

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how to use Instagram for your business. We feel that if you take advantage of these 5 benefits, there is no reason why Instagram won't be a huge success for your company.

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