Pandora Vs. Spotify: The Battle For Streaming Supremacy

For years, Pandora let users stream music for free with no competition from other sites. However, now our company has choices when it comes to streaming music in the office.


There's Pandora, Spotify, Jango, Groove Shark, and many others. While there are tons of alternatives to choose from when it comes to streaming music, I'm going to stick to talking about the battle between Pandora and Spotify. So, why only talk about Pandora and Spotify when there are so many other sites out there? We feel that even though there are many sites that offer free streaming music, Spotify and Pandora are both on the right track. Especially when it comes to the premium version of their sites.

Pandora Logo

Pandora One (3.99/ Month)

-No Advertising

-Higher Music Quality

-More Skips Allowed

-Custom Skins


Spotify logo

Spotify Premium (9.99 / Month)

-Unlimited listening

-Access to Spotify from your mobile phone

-Ability to keep your playlists private

-Download music & listen offline

-No advertisements

Looking at the two lists, I think it is apparent that Spotify has more to offer. But is it worth the extra 6 dollars per month? If you want my opinion, I say that it is definitely worth the extra 6 dollars; and the reason being that Spotify lets you listen to whatever you want even on your cell phone. The days of mp3 players are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Whenpeople want music on-the-go, they listen to it on their phone. It doesn't make sense anymore to carry around a cell phone and an mp3 player.


I don't want this article to just be us bashing Pandora and praising Spotify though. While Spotify offers many features such as radio, custom playlists, and the ability to follow artists; Pandora really only has one feature. I think simplicity is a lost art, and it is refreshing when a company decides to take the simple route. Pandora offers custom radio stations. And Pandora does a good job of creating custom stations based on the music that you like, which is an area that Spotify struggles in. Pandora has introduced me to countless new bands that I might never have had the chance to listen to if it wasn't for Pandora.

Spotify vs. Pandora

So the question still remains, which site do you choose to pay for? Honestly, Spotify and Pandora work great as a team. Pandora does a great job of introducing users to new music (for free), and Spotify lets you listen to that awesome new music all you want, wherever you want. Who knows, maybe Spotify and Pandora will be one company in the future, and users have a one stop shop for listening to good music.

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