Sales Program

  • Are you an outgoing individual?
  • Do you thrive on the opportunity to generate new business leads in your own time?
  • Do you enjoy working within an uncapped commission based environment?
  • If so, the Chronicle X Websites Sales Program is for you!

Work hours that suit you with unlimited earning potential for a reputable web development company. Chronicle X Websites offers you 15% commission on your first four sites sold and 20% thereafter. Simply tell someone about the services Chronicle X offers, have them purchase a site from us, giving us your name and we send a check in the mail to you. It’s that easy.

PLUS every fifth website you sell brings in a bonus of an extra 5% for your four previous sales. For example, a $4000 site would net you $600, but once you hit the fifth site mark, you receive an extra $200 for that site. This incentive is uncapped, so you could sell 1,000 sites and receive a total of 20% commission from sales. Yes, really!

Many sales people on our commission based sales team have jobs and go to school. They do most of their sales as they socialize throughout their daily lives. We will bring you up to speed on the products and services we offer so you can offer a potential client educated and relevant information needed to close the deal.

Many of our commission based sales team earns $2,000 to $4,000 a month. The average website costs $4,000 with only two site sold a month you would be earning $1,800.

* Terms
1. Referral commission is only given if you sell a Chronicle X Website.
2. Referral commission is sent once we receive payment for the Chronicle X Website.
3. If we pay you over $200 in one year, we'll need to submit a 1099 to you for tax purposes.
4. Only one referral commission per Website purchase allowed. Two or more people won't receive a commission for referring the same person.

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