Social Media Addiction Symptoms

With social media becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, it's easy to see how people can get carried away on the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest all beg for our attention and it's no wonder why people get addicted to social media. This week the (social media) doctor is in the house, and we are going to show you how to self diagnose your social media addiction.


Your life experiences can be summed up in 140 characters or less

Twitter is informational, and fun. I can't tell you how many times I have received breaking news via Twitter before I heard about it on television. However if you find yourself tweeting your every move, or thinking about how you can fit your story from the day into a nice 140 character tweet...you might need to put a check mark next to this symptom. It also goes without saying if you live tweet sporting events, conferences, or movies and TV shows you test positive for this symptom. This symptom also includes those that butcher the English language in order to fit their tweet into 140 characters.

 Addicted to Twitter

You see a potential profile picture everywhere you go


Photos are a great way to remember events. But when you constantly take photos for the purpose of putting them on Facebook, doesn't that become counterproductive and actually take away from the enjoying the experience? If you have ever thought, or said: “take my photo here, I need a new Facebook profile picture” or anything along those lines, then give yourself a check mark for this social media addiction symptom.

Ryan Lochte Selfie


You use hashtags in emails


Or anywhere hashtags do not belong for that matter. Hashtags are useful, on Twitter. Hashtags can help us gain more insight into what people think about a subject. They also allow us to get news in a fast, efficient manner on the internet. However, hashtags have absolutely no functionality in your company emails...or God forbid your day-to-day conversations. Leave the hashtags in your Instagram photos of your dinner, which brings me to the next social media addiction symptom.

 social media addiction

People know your eating schedule and diet by checking Instagram


Unless you're eating unicorn meat, it's not really necessary to take a picture of your food for all of the internet to see; chances are they've already seen whatever food item you are eating. The World has billions of things to take pictures of, spread your wings and fly.

 Instagram food pic

You spend real money on Facebook items


I've seen Facebook gift cards in numerous places, most recently at the grocery store. Every time I see them I always think “surely, nobody buys those”. But the store sells them so there must be people paying money for them. Facebook offers hours of free entertainment already, I can't imagine what could possible cost money on their site.

Facebook gift card


So there you have it. This is Chronicle X's 5 symptoms to diagnose your social media addiction. If think an item on our list shouldn't be a symptom or think we left one out, let us know. We love hearing from our readers, so don't be a stranger.


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