Social Media Helps Your SEO Ranking

Think social media has nothing to do with SEO? Think again! The strategies that your company was using last year may no longer be relevant at all. People are starting to discover that social media helps your SEO ranking.

Backlinks Might Take A Backseat

Backlinks used to be the holy grail when it came to SEO, however social media is quickly changing that old idea. According to Searchmetrics, Google +1 and Facebook shares are currently the number 1 and 2 contributors to SEO rankings. Now that social media helps your SEO ranking, you may have to adjust your strategies when it comes to getting your website ranked.

How to get higher SEO ranking

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Google +1 and Facebook Shares Help SEO Ranking

If Google +1 and Facebook shares are becoming big contributors to SEO ranking, then it is only a matter of time before other social signals start to become key players in the SEO world. I think it is safe to say we will start to see Instagram likes, Pinterest pins, and retweets start to have more of an impact on ranking websites. As everyone knows, when somebody mentions you on their website or blog, your SEO ranking increases. Mentions from external websites will continue to increase your ranking, however now mentions on social media will help your SEO ranking as well.

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In Conclusion...

Social media is no longer just a fun way to express ourselves (it's much more than that). Social media helps your SEO ranking, and as a result you need to be more active when it comes to your social accounts. We are really going to see the importance of social media take off within the next few years. Special care and effort should go into everything you post on your social media accounts, it could be the difference between a future client finding your website or choosing to go with one of your competitors.

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