Social Media Management

Here are the facts about Social

  • If managed efficiently social media, specifically instagram can increase annual sales by 20%-30%.
  • Social should account for at least 30% of your marketing resources and/or marketing budget
  • Instagram is the king. This is the memmo. Instagram has 300 million active users. If you know of another place where you can have instant access to that many people we would love to know
  • ALL of our followers are real. Period. Our job isn't just making you look cool. Its increasing your bottom line. Only real followers can be converted to potential customers. So we don't deal with fake followers

If you're reading this then you know effective social is more than just creative posts. If it was that easy then any moderately creative writer (your last four interns) would be able to kill it. The truth is the posting only accounts to about 20% of the work involved in effectively converting social interaction into dollars. Most companies don't know that because most companies don't know how effective social works. It is like an onion with 100 layers. putting up posts is just one of those layers.

The next obvious question is "if our awesome posts won't grow our followers then what will?"

Only the people already following your social accounts will see your posts. Unless you run ad campaigns which by now you also know are almost worthless.

So now you ask "Well then how do we get followers?" Let me explain

First we understand your product, brand or business. Then we figure out where the people who like what you're selling are. Then we figure out what other things they like. Of course we will find the people who like your company or product but we will also find the people who like all of the other things that you ideal targeted customer would like. Which means they would love you, but just haven't found you yet. Which means that when they find out you exist they will obviously love you. They will like and share all of your photos and actively comment and engage. Because they are your people. All we did was help you two find each other. Like true love. I know that is cheesy but seriously its just like that.

This is what is called the holy grail of social and it is something we can do very effectively. As you can imagine it takes a little more creativity and resourcefulness than just writing a witty one liner adding a cool picture and hitting post.

Next question from you "Stop with the suspense, How do you do it"?

hahaha I wish we could tell you but that is our secret sauce. What I can tell you is that your will see results immediately. We don't make promises, we don't have to, we operate in the same way any start up entrepreneur operates…..with results.

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