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Your website is the online face of your brand. The objective here is to have the quality of your product accurately reflected in your website. If you have an amazing product but a poor website unfortunately every potential customer who visits your site will make a value judgement of your product or business based on that website. So it must sparkle. It must outdo expectations. It must give the user an accurate impression of your company at first sight.

All of our sites are sites are smartphone and tablet compatible and cross browser tested. They are all on site search engine optimized. We can include your social media feeds onto the homepage and much much more. So yes we have you covered.

Where we save our clients time and money is a process that is all our own. Essentially we look at the best companies at your level in your industry and we assess their similarities and their differences. They have spend upwards of 50K on their websites and we will piggyback on their marketing research. We assess what they all have in common and that tells us what components your site must have to be competitive. Then we look at what is unique to all of them. This is where they show their individuality. Then we can figure out from all of our examples how we will show your companies individuality.

We combine mandatory functionality with a creative aesthetic unique to your brand, With this process we can provide completed work for a fraction of the price of our competition in a fraction of the time. Once again using resourcefulness and efficiency to save you time and money. Your welcome.

We also make fully functional e-commerce solutions for you business. Whether your company sells 10 products or 1000 products we can customize your clients shopping experience to maximize usability and functionality so shopping is a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
Furthermore we only build 20 websites a month to give each of our clients the attention they need to know they have the best finished product money can buy.

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