What Your Company Should Post On Social Media

It's amazing how many companies are reluctant to create a company Facebook page and manage it simply because they are unsure of what kind of content they should be posting. This week we're going to give you some ideas for content you can post on your company's Facebook and Twitter pages. We'll give you good examples of companies using social media in the right way so you can apply those same techniques to your business.

What You Should Post On Social Media

-Special discounts and offers

People want to save money, especially if they can save money and stay loyal to the brands that they love. Nobody has time to clip coupons anymore, so why not offer electronic coupons via your social media sites.

Facebook Coupon Offer

Toys R Us has a tab on their Facebook page specifically for special offers.

-Company news and accomplishments

When it comes to brand loyalty, people don't just want to buy your products; they want to hear about what you're doing as well. Keep your clients updated on what you're company is a great way to build a strong customer base and build relationships.

-Post something special for holidays for important dates

When users follow/like brands online, they are more likely to follow brands that look human. Posting a happy holidays message or thanking all the hard working moms on Mothers Day shows that your company doesn't have their head in the sand. It also shows that you company has gratitude for the important things in life and acknowledges that the world doesn't revolve around their company.

Why not post an E card for  Father's Day?

Why not post an E card for Father's Day?

-Share the fun stuff that goes on in the workplace

This part goes right along with the previous example. People want to see the human element of your company. Posting a couple of pictures of your employees having fun during lunch, or during a meeting is another way you can show your customers that you are more than just a brand.

Fun office photo

Does your office play games? Take pictures of it and show your clients how fun your brand is.

What You Should Not Post On Social Media

-Nothing but business

While informing your customers of deals and events concerning your company is great. Social media allows you to do so much more than that. Don't bore your customers with nothing but business.

-It's not all fun and games

You need balance when it comes to social media. Your posts shouldn't be just about business, they also shouldn't be all fun and games either. People want to know that while your employees are having fun, they are also getting work done.

getting drunk at red cross

-Avoid controversial content

If your social media accounts are set up specifically for your business, then they should be free of controversy and vulgarity. Every year we see a company make the mistake of posting something that crosses the line and gets them loads of negative attention online. Keep in mind when you post content that it is very hard (maybe even impossible) to undo anything posted to the internet.


When it comes to social media, there really isn't a wrong way of doing business. If it's informative, funny, witty, and not offensive go ahead and post it. If you find it interesting, chances are your fans and customers will think it is too.

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